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Just Rite Painting Minneapolis doesn't just paint - we'll transform your home with painting & finishes.

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With Eat Street, Lake Calhoun, and the thriving downtown culture, there’s a lot to love about Minneapolis. Here at Just Rite Painting, we’re Minnesota local, and we love to serve the community that we live in.

We’re from the suburbs ourselves, but we love serving all around the Twin Cities metro. As painters, we have made it our mission to re-invent homes and living spaces, all while increasing your property’s overall value. We think that where you spend time is important and that it should be treated as such. Colors have a big effect on us as people.

Why not get more enjoyment out of being in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen? If you’ve ever listened to any interior designers talk about revitalizing rooms, you have probably heard before that painting is one of the easiest ways to update a room. If you’re going to invest in painting, why not invest in a professional to ensure that it’s done right?

At Just Rite, we produce work that has a seamless finish and professional level quality. We don’t like to leave you wondering if a professional was worth the investment, so we ensure that any job we do is done with excellence.

Meticulous Preparation & Execution

Just Rite Painting Minneapolis doesn't just paint - we'll transform your home with painting & finishes.

Exterior House Painting in Minneapolis MN

There are many beautiful and historical homes in Minneapolis. However, like any other city, homes with no curb appeal are on almost every corner. When we see them, we may not notice them, or we may even stop to ponder how a house can even end up looking as ugly as it does.

The good news is that many homes are just a paint job short of incredible curb appeal. To maximize your home’s curb appeal, consider how much effect a good or bad paint job can have on a home.

Is your home stuck with an ugly color that a previous homeowner picked? Is your once nice paint job starting to fade away? We’d love to help you solve your exterior painting problems.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

We all know that popcorn ceilings have been out of style for a long time, but we’re still seeing these ceilings in many older homes. Just thinking about removing your home’s popcorn ceilings might make you stressed, but we’re here to take the weight off your shoulders.

We’ll do the dirty work for you so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of watching an outdated ceiling disappear.

Painting Cabinets

Minneapolis residents, when was the last time you upgraded your kitchen? It hasn’t been long since wood stain was the most popular look for cabinets, but nowadays, this style has become outdated. Neutral colors are the most popular new trend in modern kitchens.

Whites, grays, and other paint colors have become increasingly popular. The problem with this is that it takes an experienced painter to handle cabinets properly. Thankfully, we’re here for you! If you’re looking to make an upgrade, we’d love to partner with you in the process and help you to make the best upgrade that you can.

Painters near Minneapolis MN

If you're a Minneapolis homeowner, looking for a fantastic painter near Minneapolis, then we'd love to connect and see if we're the right paiting contractor for you.  We're really passionate about helping Minneapolis Homeowners get the best quality house painting possible, with excellent quality - all done with professioanlism and excllence. When you choose Just Rite painting as your Minneapolis Painter, you'll see why customers have been raving about us since 20Just Rite Painting

Just Rite Minneapolis Painting Company

Minneapolis homeowners deserve a painting company they can rely on, that delivers great value, and who's team of painters can deliver the same results as the practicioner does.  The best Minneapolis painting company is not going to be made up of amazing employees and team members that can paint just as well as the owner, or even better, day-in and day-out.

We've been a Minneapolis Painting company since 2006, and we've painted thousands of homes since then, and whether you're in South Minneapolis, Bde Maka Ska,

Interior Painters Minneapolis Just Rite Painting

Just Rite Painting provides interior painting in Minneapolis, and it's probably the type of painting job we love doing the most.  Why are we so excited when people choose us as their Minneapolis Interior Painting Company? Well, nothing does more to make your home feel fresh and new than high end painting on the inside.  Whether we're painting bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms - we'll help transform your Minneapolis Home's interiors with finishes and interior painting.

Minneapolis Interior Painting Color Consultations

If you're wondering what's the best color combination to paint your Minneapolis kitchen & interiors, we'll help you with a color consultation and we'll provide some choices for you. knowing how to choose the right paint color for your house can be hard, particularly because paint color trends can change so frequently.

We'll help you identify the best design & then deliver interior painting that's fantastic!

Residential Painters Minneapolis

Many people start searching for residential painters in Minneapolis, and if you're doing that search, please take a look at our customer reviews, our core services, and then give us a call and we'll walk your through what how to transform your home and get the best painting outcomes possible for your residential home.  Just Rite Painting is a residential painter that serves Minneapolis Minnesota and the surrounding Twin Cities region.  Residential House Painting is our primary service offering, and we know exactly how to make your house look fantastic - on-time, on-budget and with premium residential painting outcomes.

Exterior Painter Minneapolis

Just Rite Painting also does exterior painting in Minneapolis.  We can paint your houses exterior and deliver a premium painting job that will last a long time and look really good.  We'll help you make the best decisions in the best type of paint for an exterior house painting job, as well as the best color selection for your houses painting job.  In conclusion, if you're looking for a Minneapolis Exterior Painter - Just Rite Painting Minneapolis is someone you should consider and we'll help you get your house painted right!

Cabinet Painters Minneapolis

Just Rite Painting also does cabinet painting in the city of Minneapolis, and we'll help transform your old oak cabinets or dated cabinets, into something that looks fantastic.  We've developed a system that is helping us stand out as the best cabinet painter in Minneapolis, and we're thrilled at the outcomes we get for our kitchen remodeling clients.  Painting cabinets is no easy endeavor, and while some people might try to paint their own cabinets, it's much easier and economical to hire Just Rite Cabinet Painting Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company - Just Rite Painting MN

Cheap kitchen remodeling starts with a new paint color combination, and every Minneapolis renovation company will not only paint the walls, but they'll guide you to make a timeless selection in cabinet colors, trim colors, and maybe even encourage you to refinish your floors. We know how to transform a Minneapolis Home, and the most economical thing to do is to choose Just Rite Painting to do your cabinet painting, trim painting and interior wall painting.

Cabinets & Trim Painting Reno

Looking to transform old and dated cabinets? Just Rite Cabinets is the leader in Minneapolis.

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We're not just the Twin Cities best house painter,

Commercial Painting

We help home builders, remodelers and builders as their commercial painting contractor in the Twin Cities region.

Cabinet Painting & Enamel

Renew your kitchen & bathroom with top-notch cabinet enameling & painting from Just Rite Painting.

Exterior House Painting

Transform & protect your homes wood siding with house painting & staining by Just Rite Painting.

Interior Painting

Whether you need to freshen a room, or transform a 90's oak kitchen into something modern, Just Rite Painting is here.

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We serve the entire Minneapolis St. Paul region of the Twin Cities.