Exterior House Painting Twin Cities

Transform & protect your homes wood siding with house painting & staining by Just Rite Painting.

We'll Meticulously Prepare Your Home

We know painting is disruptive, which is why we work hard to provide great communication.

Exterior House Painting

We’ve painted hundreds of houses, and we’ve been trained by some of the best in the industry to know how to ensure that your exterior painting on your Minnesota house is done right. As a company, we keep an eye on quality over quantity, and we’ll make your home look spectacular.

We hope to deliver tremendous value and quality with every home we paint.

We Provide Great Service & Process

We know painting is disruptive, which is why we work hard to provide great communication.

Tired of the way your home looks from the curb?

Everyone knows that exterior painting is a delicate, messy job that can present all kinds of challenges – but don’t let that discourage you from taking the leap.

We’re here to guide you through the entire process.

When you work with Just Rite Painting, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of house painting, you just get to enjoy the end result! Take a look at our reviews on Google for proof of how painless we can make this process.

To Go Beyond Painting

As painters, you might think that we spend most of our time doing just that.

For many area painting companies, that might be true. Here at Just Rite, we have instead decided to put an emphasis on meticulous prep work that leads to a better, longer-lasting end result.

What does that mean? It means many things.

For starters, it means that we know how to choose the best paints, repair damaged or non-adhesive surfaces, when to paint for the best result, and so much more.

When is Painting Season?

The technology used in modern paints has come a long way and it allows us to paint in spring, summer, and even fall. It’s definitely important to ensure that your home is painted when the weather is ideal, but that “ideal” temperature zone has expanded to include days that are slightly chilly and days that are hot as well.

We’ll help you to discover when the best time to paint is – and we won’t sacrifice quality for the sake of a quick buck!

How Long Does an Exterior Paint Job Last?

The lifespan of your home’s paint job depends entirely on how it was applied. In most cases, a good quality job should last for a decade or more. Meanwhile, homes with wood siding should be repainted every 5-7 years, ideally.

That said, poor workmanship can severely impact the longevity of a paint job. If paint is applied in poor conditions or simply slapped on improperly, you could easily be halving the lifetime of the coat you’re putting on.

What’s the Investment?

In most cases, exterior painting is probably more affordable than you’re thinking. Of course, exact quotes are entirely dependent on the kind of home that needs to be painted. A small rambler and a large two-story home will be two entirely different projects.

That said, we’d love for you to reach out today so that we can give you a free estimate. Our work is all about a meticulous attention to detail that other painters don’t give, but we also strive to ensure that our pricing is competitive with the rest of the market.

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Exterior House Painting

Transform & protect your homes wood siding with house painting & staining by Just Rite Painting.

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